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Pasta as a popular food around the world

Pasta is not just a favorite Italian food, pasta is also one of most popular foods around the world, competing with meat and rice. This popularity can be explained by several factors - easy to produce and transport, has a long shelf life, is inexpensive and allows to easily create a large number of different dishes. It is filling and provides energy thru carbohydrates.

History of pasta

The use of pasta started in Italy in the 12th century, become popular Italian food in 1700s and with the large scale Italian emigration to North and South America in 1900s spread around the world. There is a huge variety of pasta types and shapes eaten in Italy but outside this country, spaghetti leads as the most popular pasta type. A pasta dish needs more than just a good pasta properly boiled, it is the sauce which makes the dish a success. Italians made tomato the most important ingredient of many pasta sauce but as the example of fettuccine Alfredo shows, it is possible to make a great pasta sauce without tomatoes.

Pasta types

The Italian type pasta is made from durum wheat, with additions of eggs or not. There is also pasta made of whole wheat flour or buckwheat. Asian style noodles are made of wheat or rice flour. In the past, fresh pasta was popular, typically homemade. Nowadays, the dry pasta dominates but it is possible to buy fresh pasta to be cooked at home.

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