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Italian Cookies

Italian Cookies

Popular Italian cookies and biscuits

The Cantuccini are popular Italian crunchy cookies with almonds. In Italy, they are called biscotto (bis cotto = cooked twice).They are first baked in the shape of a large round loaf. Then the loaf is cut into long thin pieces. These slices are then baked until dry and hard. 

Amaretti cookies are the Italian version of the French macaroons. Amaratti cookies are crunchy outside and soft inside. These cookies come originally  from Venice and are made from almonds with sugar and egg whites.

Italian cakes and pies

In the past, the sweets in Italy were prepared mainly at a family event or at a religious festival. The preparation was tied to the months of the year and as a result the agricultural calendar. 

The ingredients that characterized the typical sweets of the celebrations were influenced by seasonal cycles: they used to make in the fall sweets made from nuts, chestnuts, grape must, in the winter the cake was enriched with dried or candied fruit  or apples, delicious cakes were made in the spring with fresh ricotta cheese and in the summer lots of honey and fresh fruit were used.

In Italy, the tradition of the cake is a little different between the north and the south which is due to climatic factors and also historical aspects.
There is a clear division between the regions but some ingredients are more characteristic in certain parts of Italy than in others.

For example, the ricotta cheese, almonds, figs and the grape must take the lead in the preparation of cakes, cookies and pies in the central regions of Italy and in the south along with the candied fruit and pistachios.

In the north, it is more popular to use creams made from milk, milk cream and butter, chestnuts, apples and berries and often sweets are flavored with liqueurs.

Each region, however, offers typical local recipes that are part of a long list of delicious Italian flavors.
The traditional Italian cakes and cookies, especially homemade ones, became excellent snacks for adults and for children, with wholesome and healthy ingredients.

The list with good examples of Italian cakes and pies:

  • Apple pie
  • Ricotta Cake
  • Carrot Cake
  • Birthday Cake
  • Yogurt Cake
  • Lemon Cake
  • Meringues
  • Jam tart
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Apple strudel
  • Pancakes with Apples
  • Tiramisu
  • Plum Cake with Lemon


Sicialian confectionery

The Sicilian confectionery is probably the one in Italy that can boast the widest range of products with its richness and variety. One can think of the famous cassata , a typical Easter cake, which consists of sponge cake covered with a paste made of chocolate, candied fruit, sugar and maraschino liqueur and garnished with fruit composition; the cannoli stuffed with ricotta cheese , candied citrus and sugar; nougat with almonds or sesame; marzipan; pasta marzipan, almond, chocolate citrus Modica.