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Italian Rice

Italian Rice

Typically, rice is classified according to the length of the grain - short, medium and long - while in Italy the thirty most common varieties are divided into four different categories: round, fine, semi-fine and superfine (tondo, fino, semifino, superfino).

Arborio Rice

The most commonly available of the medium-grain rices from Italy, Arborio grains are short and almost round. At this rice cooks, it releases starch into the cooking liquid to give it a creamy consistency, a characteristic that makes it an ideal risotto rice.

Italian Risotto

Risotto is typically made with Italian Arborio rice. Arborio rice has rice kernels that are shorter and fatter than other short-grained rice. These kernels contain a lot of of starch, which provides risotto with its creamy texture. Classic risotto does not contain any cream, however it could be be added for richness and flavor.

Popular risotto types include: Risotto with Saffron, Mushroom Risotto.

Italian rice varieties

Rice round: it has small grains and rounded. It cooks in 12-13 minutes and during cooking tends to release starch, which makes it suitable for the preparation of soups, and desserts, the best-known varieties are Auro, Balilla, Crypto, Pierrot, Raphael, Ruby and Selenium.

Rice fino: Good for pies and croquettes, its grains are long and slender. It cooks in 14 minutes and is much appreciated for its versatility in the kitchen. The varieties are Aries, Deer, Dragon, Europe, Lotus, Race 77, URB, Ribe, Ringo, Sant Andrea, Emerald and Veneria.

Rice semifino: its grains are rounded and of medium size, it has good ability to release the starch making it suitable for preparation of soups, croquettes and risotto where creaming is needed. It cooks in 13-15 minutes. Among the varieties are Italico, Lido, Maratelli, Padano, Romeo, Rosa Marchetti and Vialone.