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Italian Condiments

Italian Condiments

Olive pates

Italian olive pate is great for a tasty appetizer or a quick snack, delicious when spread on toast, added to pasta sauces or used to flavor main dishes and salads.

 The black olive pate is characterized by intense and strong taste, just like the minced black olives enhanced with a drop of extra virgin olive oil. It is great to garnish croutons or toasted bread, is well suited as an ingredient in sauces or for the preparation of pasta puttanesca. The nature of the product is in its ingredients: best black olives, quality extra virgin olive oil.

 The green olive pate is softer, fresher and lighter on the palate, perfect for tastes more delicate. It is used for preparing sandwiches, delicious snacks and appetizers. Also here, only natural ingredients should be used: olives, olive oil, natural flavors to get a more delicate flavor.


Pesto is an Italian light green sauce and condiment. The classic pesto is made with crushed fresh basil leaves, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, pine nuts and aged cheese. It is used to accompany pasta dishes. 

Pesto originates probably from the crushed garlic based sauces in the Middle Ages which replaced the ancient Roman garum sauce. The use of fatty condiments recipes was borrowed from Middle East, where there is plenty of sauces containing pine-nuts and cheese, used as a thickener for the various ingredients.

When cheese was replaced by olive oil to provide for the binding function, other types of hard cheeses were used, first Dutch cheeses, then Italian cheeses Pecorino and Grana. So Italian pesto can be considered as the first olive oil based sauce.

However it was basil, introduced in the recipe later on, that in a short time assumed the main role in the pesto recipe.

Actually the pesto recipe first recorded as it is known today was in the mid 19th century.

It appeared in the recipe book "Cucina Genovese" where it is defined as "chopped garlic and basil sauce" and "a condiment suitable for any kind of pasta."