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French Cookies

French Cookies

Popular French cookies

France is the country where several world known cookies originated, such as petit beurre, macaroons, meringue cookies.

French Petit Beurre date back to 1886 when a baker created a square butter cookie in Nantes. His name being Louis Lefevre, married to Ms. Utile, he started to put initials “LU” on each cookie. The LU cookies became a great success in France. The Schoolboy version, Petit Ecolier is a petit beurre coved with chocolate. The French town of Nantes is still the symbol of LU cookies.

French macaroon cookies are baked from the mixture of almond flower, sugar and egg whites.
Fruit flavors and color can be added. The cookies are sandwiched with a sweet filling.

French meringue cookies are made with beaten egg whites and sugar.