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French Seasoning

French Seasoning

French food tends not to be very spicy. French believe that the natural taste of the food should not be suppressed by strong spices, so they do use spices but in small quantities.

French do use different herbs, dried and fresh, such as oregano, rosemary and thyme. Also these herbs are used: tarragon, chervil, savory, lavender, sage.

A very typical French is the mix of dried herbs called Herbes de Provence. 

This herbs mix can be made with 6 parts dried marjoram, 6 parts of dried thyme, 6 parts of dried savory, 2 part of dried basil, 2 part of  dried rosemary, 1  part of  dried sage, 1 part fennel seeds.


                   Fresh oregano herb                                 Fresh rosemary herb                                      Fresh marjoram herb                                                                                            Fresh thyme herb
Oregano Rosemary Marjoram Thyme
Fresh tarragon herb Fresh chevril herb Fresh savory herb Fresh sage herb
Tarragon Chevril Savory Sage