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Spanish Vinegar

Spanish Vinegar

Spain is one of top world producers of wine vinegars and much of it exported to the US and the UK.

Although vinegar is produced in most of Spain , there are only two Appellations of Origin and Quality Assurance in these regions : Andalusia and Aragon.

The best known Spanish vinegar is the Sherry Vinegar.

Sherry Vinegar from Spain

From Andalucía comes the famous Sherry Vinegar , which can only receive this nomination when obtained from must or wine with Denomination of Origin Jerez and Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda. The production of these vinegars includes a barrel aging that can range from six months for the regular vinegar to two years, for the Reserva variation.

The same is true for the Spanish vinegar with denomination of origin Condado de Huelva , wines made from the same designation of origin , and also require a long barrel aging. 6 months to 1 year  or 3 years to produce vinegar types Solera Reserva and Vintage respectively.

Also Montilla Moriles produces vinegars with unique characteristics making this product something special for lovers of good food . In this area, we find vinegars Foster , more than 6 months aged in wood; Reserve, aged for more than two years and Gran Reserva , aged in wood for over five years .

The Aragon wine vinegar has the mark of quality assurance that the regional government provides to a range of local products

The sherry vinegar, in Spanish "vinagre de Jerez" has dark color, concentrated and rich mahogany, and flavor of the wood notes. It is ideal for vinaigrettes and dressings and for flavoring various dishes.