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Spanish Condiments

Spanish Condiments


Caper is condiment which obtained from a bush, Capparis spinosa, commonly called Tápena, the Caparidáceas family, which grows wild in limestone and clay soils, ravines, slopes and crags of Andalusia and Levante in Spain. The caper comes from the Arabic and Jewish cuisine, and was introduced into the Americas by the Spanish. Its name derives from the Arabic word al-Kabara.

Caper has an exquisite and distinctive flavor, and is used in making sauces, salads and stews. Different parts of the plant, marinated in vinegar, as a condiment or snack, the flower buds (caper), the young fruit (alcaparrón) and tender stems (stalks Tápena) are consumed. These products are typical of the region of Murcia where are mostly used in flavoring salads.

Although, currently most widely used as the seasoning, caper has previously been used for therapeutic purposes (antiarthritic and diuretic), both the flower buds and the root bark for the treatment of diseases of the liver and spleen.


In Spain, the best anchovies are said to come from Santono in Cantabria. Spanish anchovies are packed in sea salt, filleted, and packed again in olive oil. They are sold in small tins or glass jars. The flavor is superbly balanced and can be recommended to be used in the recipes over other anchovies.