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Spanish Honey

Spanish Honey

Spain is Europe's largest producer of honey, with nearly 2.5 million beehives that produce about 30,000 tons of honey a year. Germany is the second largest honey producer in Europe.

Spanish communities with the largest number of professional beekeepers are: Andalucia, Castilla y León, Valencia and Extremadura.

Castilla y León community in the North-West of Spain has 3,966 beekeepers and 367,809 beehives.

Castilla y León exported 6,038 tons of honey in 2012, being the second honey exporting Spanish community, behind Valencia. The main destinations of honey from Castilla y León are France, Germany and Italy.

Salamanca, which is a province in the community of Castilla y León, has the largest number of professional beekeepers, i.e. those with more than 150 beehives. Beekeepers in Salamanca have an average some 500 colonies per farm on average, a figure that rises to average 800 in the case of professional beekeepers.

Aldeatejada in the Salamanca province has the largest honey bottling plant in Spain, owned by Feyce company. The plant already achieved total packaging goal of 6.5 million kilograms annually, figure which is to reach 10 million kilograms by 2020.

Types of Spanish honey

Honey from the province of Granada in the Andalucia province enjoys the protected designation of origin (PDO):  “Miel de Granada”. This designation covers six mono-floral honey types and two multi-floral honey types. Mono-floral honey types are: chestnut, rosemary, thyme, avocado, orange blossom and lavender.

Chestnut honey has dark color and strong, not so sweet taste.

Rosemary honey has very light yellow color, can crystalize rapidly.

Thyme honey has Light amber to amber color, low tendency to crystalize.

Avocado honey has dark brown color.

Orange blossom honey has very light yellow color, crystalizes slowly.

Lavender honey has white, extra clear amber color, slow crystallization. It has medium sweet taste.

Other types of Spanish honey are: almond honey, forest honey, eucalyptus honey, sunflower honey, lemon honey, mountain honey.