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News from WorldFlavors

  • PDO and PGI product names in EU

    European Union (EU) has three levels of certification provided to food products to ensure keeping their unique local value and to protect names of these food products. PDO – Protected Designation of Origin - requires that the specific ... more

  • Spanish tapas as food and culture

    Tapas which means covers come from Spain. They are not just a very popular Spanish food type but also an essential part of Spanish culture.Tapas are small portions of sausages, cheeses, seafood and other products, served on small plates. Ex ... more

  • Hot Chili Peppers types and heat classification

    We generally look to chilies as the world’s most universally popular source of hot seasoning. They are used around the world in different forms and ways. You can buy them whole, fresh, dried, canned, and jarred in the form of chili oil, p ... more

  • Cooking rice for Italian risotto

    The best rice for the risotto is the Itallian Arborio rice variety which has kernels which are short and wide, allowing them to absorb more liquid. Saute shallots in a pan with butter till soft, not browning Add Arborio rice to the pan, ... more

  • Italian balsamic vinegar types and differences

    What are the types of balsamic vinegar There is a lot of confusion about balsamic vinegar. In a supermarket one can find bottles Italian vinegar in prices ranging from a few dollars to 30 dollars. There are several types of balsamic vinega ... more