Thai cuisine and Thai chilies

Thai chilies

Besides the rich culture, Thailand is worldwide known for it rich in flavors cuisine. Depending on the region, quite some differences can be found, depending on different external influences in the past. Four regions can be distinguished in Thailand, each with their own distinct characteristics and specific food variations – Central, North, Northeast, South.

The common cooking principle is the balance between five tastes: bitter, sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Thai cuisine combines ingredients from these flavor categories to achieve the best experience. Fresh, rather than dried, herbs and spices are used. Thai dishes are typically spicy to very spicy and curries are a popular category. Hot chilies are popular ingredient of many dishes.

Thailand, Bangkok

Thailand, Bangkok

Thailand it is a fascinating country, with a rich Buddhist culture. Its political system is a constitutional monarchy, and it was the only country which was not colonized in the Southeast Asia.
The king of Thailand is the longest ruling monarch in the world and commands a great respect of his nation.
The Grand Palace in Bangkok has been the official residence of the King even if the King does not live there. Within the palace complex, there is the Temple of Emerald Buddha, with the sacred Buddhist statue of the Buddha, made of green Nephrite.

Potatoes gratine

Potatoes Gratine

Gratin is the originally French cooking technique leading to a brown crust on top of the dish. It is typically created by baking a dish covered with grated cheese or bread crumbs with butter under an overhead grill.
The best known dish prepared using this technique is probable potatoes gratine but many variations exist where a dish is made “au gratin”.