Types of Italian pasta

Types of Italian pasta

Different types of Italian pasta and there is a lot of them, can be put into two basic categories – the long shapes and the short shapes. Examples of the long shapes are:  spaghetti (probably the most well know around the world), fettucine, tagliatelle, linquine. Examples of the short shapes are: penne, farfalle, fusili.

Pasta takes it typical yellow color from eggs used in its production but other two colors are also quite popular: red (orange) and green. Only natural ingredients are used to provide these colors, red may come from tomato paste, red peppers or beets, green comes from spinach. Some pasta dishes, especially pasta salad, look excellent with the tri-color pasta.

There is also a third color possibility, much less popular – it is black and comes from the squid ink or cuttlefish ink.. A good example of this is the Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia. Highly recommended to try !

Find more on the Italian pasta on our website: https://iworldflavors.com/31-italian-pasta

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