Christmas Eve Polish borscht soup

The Christmas Eve dinner is the most important family gathering and family dinner of the year in Poland, like the Thanksgiving dinner in the US. The dishes for the Polish traditional Christmas Eve dinner is pretty well defined and there are two dishes which are simple the must – one of the red beet soup – borscht (Polish spelling is “barszcz”), another is the the carp fish. There is some mystery in making a real borscht from red beets and many Polish housewives go for a easy solution – buy at the open market or in the supermarket a bottle of the borscht concentrate which will form the bases of the soup. Of course, borscht soup is eaten in Poland through out the year but the soup for the Christmas Eve must be special – it comes with special dumplings which look like Italian ravioli and have stuffing with wild mushrooms. The dumplings are called in Polish “uszka” which means little ears and the name probably relates to the shape. Please see for yourself at this picture below.

Red borscht (Czerwony barsz) with mushroom dumplings. Traditional polish Christmas Eve dinner _resize

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