Ceylon Cinnamon


Ceylon Cinnamon, also called the true cinnamon, comes from the inner bark of a small tree native to Sri Lanka, in the past called Ceylon.

The other cinnamon, often confused with the true cinnamon, is Cassia cinnamon. It comes from a different tree, originated in the Southern China. It is much less expensive and may be harmful is consumed in larger quantities, this due to the substance it contains, called coumarin.


Sri Lanka

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The island of Sri Lanka, previously called Ceylon, is located on the Indian Ocean, south of India.  It’s size is 65.5 thousands of square km, or 25.3 thousands of square miles. The population size (2018) is 21.7 million people. Two main ethnic groups are Sinhalese (75%) and Sri Lankan Tamils (11%).  The country gained independence from the UK in 1948, with the dominion status and became a republic in 1972 with the current constitution established in 1978.

The country’s flag shows on the right a gold lion with a sword, on a maroon background, on on the left two vertical panels – one green and one orange color.